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The HW-FFB-GA is the first force feedback yoke that can be connected to Flight Simulator. It is a sturdy metalic concept, made to last. Built with high end materials like special gears and alluminum parts, the yoke has a true feeling. It offers the best value for money in the hobby market.It is connected to Flight Simulator by means of a dedicated USB interface. It can be completely programmed and tweaked to simulate the forces of any type of airplane. The forces are influenced by speed, wind and movement. You will feel the bumps on the runway and the gusts of wind in or near the clouds.

The Force feedback yoke can be hooked to the autopilot, which will simulate the mechanical movement of the yoke during maneuvres triggered by the autopilot. A second FFB yoke can be connected and will switch from a master to slave state depending on the pilot who is handling the yoke.

The GA version has a sturdy metalic yoke (real homebuilt aircraft yoke) and is generic enough to fit any type of general aviation plane. The yoke is mounted on a shaft with a delection of 19 cm and a 180° turn ration (90° L – 90° R), like in real aircrafts. The yoke has a trim switch and a PTT button.

The Force Feedback yoke has the following forces.

Max. Radiale force = 16,83 N
Max. Radiaal torque = 0,22 NM
Max. Axiale force = 14,42 N

!!! Given the weight and size of the package, there is an additional shipping fee depending on the region you live in. Please contact us for more information.

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