GA-APC Analogue Cessna C-172 trainer


Available on backorder

The GA-APC is developed for primary use in flight schools. It will allow students to to familiarize with all instruments present in a fully IFR equipped Cessna 172 aircraft.

The GA-APC panel simulator is very realistic and blurs any differences with a real aircraft panel. The GA-APC has the same panel layout as a Cessna 172. All the hard and software is developed by Flight Illusion and use a digital technology to mimic the movement of real instruments. The interface allows connection with Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane


* The standard configuration (€ 14.420,-) is fully built and ready to be used but this product could be configured with many options.





  1. wdavis.wa

    I have a Cessna 182 panel with dual FFB Cessna yokes, prop control and manifold/fuel pressure guage an have had it since June. I feel as if I’m flying the real thing. The gauges have stepper motors which operate smooth and don’t fluctuate like other guages. The software that comes with the unit makes setup and operation easy. I can fly all day long and don’t have to be concerned about the price of fuel !
    This unit is great. Product support is excellent and response to questions I answered quickly. Bill Davis / USA

  2. wdavis.wa

    I have owned my C-182 panel since April 2015. I have ordered guages to expand my unit and have asked support questions which are answered quickly. Customer support is excellent.

  3. ifhandp

    I already have one of your components, but I am still confused to continue, where I will put it / assemble it because there is no cockpit casing, it is difficult for me to be able to buy one at a time. I hope someday you sell it.

  4. ifhandp

    but I am amazed that your product is very good … good job

  5. William W. Davis

    It is July 2021. I have owned my Flight Illusion Cessna 182 panel for just over 6 years. The only issue I have had with it is I mistakenly tried to re-calibrate the altimeter that I should have left alone.(If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ) I contacted Flight Illusion which corrected the issue resulting for me in very little down time. I was still able to operate less altimeter in the meantime. As always, very pleased with their support.

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