Robinson style simulator

The HW-HELI-ROB-TOP flight deck is modeled after the Robinson R22/R44 Helicopter console. The HW-HELI-ROB-TOP is a part of the HW-HELI-ROB, the upper part only.

The HW-HELI-ROB-TOP Flight Simulator hardware is so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between the simulator and the real aircraft. Modeled after the popular Robinson R22/R44 Helicopter, all details are precisely reproduced according to the exact dimensions of the original panel and they can be found in exactly the same position. Using gauges modeled after the original, but designed to be driven from a PC, the HW-HELI-ROB-TOP is the ultimate helicopter procedure training device.

The HW-HELI-ROB-TOP gauges are modeled after the original gauges and controls found on the Robinson R22/R44 flight deck. These are mechanical gauges which feel and look just like the original instruments. They are designed from scratch to be driven from flight simulator software residing on the Personal Computer, utilizing stepper motors and digital electronics.

The HW-HELI-ROB-TOP is controlled by Microsoft FSX, Prepar3D of by Laminar Research X-Plane. The interface of the HW-HELI-ROB-TOP uses flight data from both flight simulator software and/or possible add-ons.

The HW-HELI-ROB-TOP contains the following parts:

– Glasreshield with frontplate and annunciator lights
– Vertical Speed indicator
– Attitude Indicator
– Indicated Airspeed gauge
– Motor / Rotor RPM indicator (R22 or R44 style)
– Analogue Altimeter
– Directional Gyro
– Manifold Pressure indicator
– Chrono
– Engine gauges (R22 or R44 style, please specify during checkout in the remark section)
– Carb. temp gauge
– Switches Electrical system
– Clutch switch
– Ignition Key
– Power supply
– 2 x USB cable


WARNING: Because of the oversized parcel and weight there could be additional shipping costs! Pleases a quote before order.


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