GSA-CEC182 Cessna-182 Engine Cluster


The GSA-CEC-182 is a Cessna type engine cluster based on the C182. The four gauges, each of them with 2 pointers, are on 1 circuit board. The gauges are positioned 2 X 2 in the same way the real gauges are on a real panel.

The Cessna engine cluster is a stand alone USB version. It does not require the GSA-055 interface. It draws power from the USB connector and the information is transferred directly from the computer.

The gauges have following values indicated:
• Fuel quantity Left / Right
• Oil temperature / Oil pressure
• Suction gauge / AMP meter


Physical characteristics 
height 120 mm
width 120 mm
depth 27 mm
weight 550 gr
mounting 16 screws

Power requirements
Directly from USB, no additional power needed
lights 1 LED/gauge




Technical details

Product video


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