The SET-C172 has all the gauges for building the faithfull replica of a Cessna 172 panel. It also features the bendix King style avionics stack

comprises the following gauges:


The normal price for the full set is 5534 EUR. You will have a 10% discount.

Power requirements:
power= 5v/12v
lights= LED’s

type daisy chain, 10 pin connector on flat cable (10 wires flatcable)


  1. Xiaolong

    Whether they can support X-Plane 11

    • flightillusion

      It works also with X-plane-v11, no problem.

  2. SooBaq

    Does this package come with all necessary part for building a cockpit, such as cable, central interface, etc?

    • flightillusion

      All gauges comes with a cable. The central interface is also part of the set. Of course for a full simulator you need more… For example: Switches electrical system, Input / Output module for handle the switches, Annunciator lights etc.
      Also a panel, glareshield, yoke and other mechanical parts are not included.

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