GSA-010 I/O module – USB based


The Input/Output module (I/O) is an additional module that allows the user to control inputs and outputs. The card can accept 48 digital inputs (for e.g. control switches), 32+2 outputs to control LED and 8 analogue inputs for POT meters.
The GSA-10 comes with 2 extenders for 2 x 16 digital inputs or 16 (led) outputs or 8 analog inputs . No soldering is required.

Physical characteristics:

height 75 mm
width 152 mm
depth 14 mm
weight 100 gr
mounting 7 screws

Power requirements:
power will be done by USB

USB (cable not included) to computer, Header to extender (HW-EXT)

Technical details

Technical data image

Product video

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