GSA-016R Digital Altimeter RED


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The altimeter (digital) comes completely assembled and tested and gives a smooth indication of the altitude thanks to steppermotor technology. The single pointer is driven trough a steppermotor and indicates every 100 ft. The altitude is read out on a digital red display, where thousands are indicated slightly larger display than the hundreds. A seccond digital display show the atmospheric pressure, which is regulated by a single encoder with push function to reset the pressure at transition altitude.


Physical characteristics:

height 83 mm
width 83 mm
depth 27 mm
weight 200 gr
mounting 4 screws

Power requirements:
power= 5v/12v (included within the flatcable, so only a single connection to the interface is required!)
lights= 2 LED

type daisy chain, 10 pin connector on flat cable (10 wires flatcable)

You will need the GSA-055 (central interface) to connect the gauge to the computer.

Technical details

Technical data image


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