Cessna C172 IAS 200 – GSA-093
Cessna C172 IAS 200 – GSA-093SN-Large With BezelSN-Large Backviewjpg

GSA-093 Indicated Airspeed 200 kts with TAS disk (Cessna-172)


Product Description

The cessna 200 kts IAS gauge is based on a single needle large gauge and has the faceplate of a general aviation IAS ranging from 0 to 200 kts. The GSA-093 has the adjustable Thrue Air Speed correction.
The steppermotor gives very smooth needle movements.

Physical characteristics:

height 83 mm
width 83 mm
depth 27 mm
weight 200 gr
mounting 4 screws

Power requirements:
power= 5v/12v (included within the flatcable, so only a single connection to the interface is required!)
lights= 2 LED

type daisy chain, 10 pin connector on flat cable (10 wires flatcable)

You will need the GSA-055 (central interface) to connect the gauge to the computer.



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