GSP-029 Duct Pressure L/R PRO- line


Product Description

The GSP-029 is the PRO version of the GSA-029 Duct pressure for left and right engines on the B737. It is based on a dual concentric needle gauge is and has the proper faceplate for the L/R in the overhead panel. The housing is circular. The stepper motor gives very smooth needle movement.

The GSP-029 comes standard with a bezel. You must make sure that the diameter fits your panel.

The gauge is backlit (not from above like the standard GSA-029) but really from behind. The needle is also backlit. we use LED for backlighting, so with longer life-cycle and less heat generation.

The lighting is software dimmable.

The gauges can be used with our standard GSA-055 or (for professional users) with our GSA-RS232 or RS-422 interface. The GSA-RS232 or RS-422 in combination with an optional Serial port server makes it possible to drive our gauges over a LAN connection.

The gauge can be  front mounted and could be fixed with brackets (optional)

Physical characteristics:
the PRO range gauges for the OVH panel are different from the standard products. instead of a square PCB construction, we use a cilindrical pcb and housing.
The measurements are also different. See the technical data for the detailed information.


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