Product Description

The Flap module contains the Flap lever and indicator and can be used in combination with our our I/O module (GSA-010) and Central Interface (GSA-055) (both are required). The lever needs be connected to one of the analogue inputs of the I/O module (GSA-010) and the indicator connects to the Central Interface (GSA-055).

height 110 mm
width 72 mm
depth 110mm
weight 250 gr

Power requirements:
power= 5v/12v (included within the flatcable, so only a single connection to the interface is required!)

Daisy chain, 10 pin connector on flat cable (10 wires flatcable, included) to connect the indicator and a signal cable (also included) for the lever that needs to be connected to the Input / Output module.

You will need the GSA-055 (central interface) to connect the indicator module to the computer.

You will need the GSA-010 (Input / Output module) to connect the lever to one of the analogue inputs.

Technical Details

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Product video

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