New lower panel

We've promised you new products to celebrate our 10th anniversary and we're keeping our word. Today we present you with the new lower panel to fit a Cessna panel like HW-PCA in our range. But of course, you can use it to fit your own panel.

The lower aluminum construction holds the central console as found in a Cesnna 172. It features the manual trim with position indicator, the flap lever with flap extension indicator and the fuel selector.

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10 % discount

Celebrate with us our 10th anniversary. Get your 10% discount until the end of July. Share this with your friends or use it for yourself. Buy from our webshop and use the coupon code FI10Y to get your discount.

10 years already

Flight Illusion is soon to celebrate it's 10th anniversary on the hobby market. We started our project in August 2005 with just 3 gauges in our range. The standby gauges that we were proposing were an instant hit and soon we launched more gauges, radio modules, I/O modules and we became the undisputed Nr 1 in our business.

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New software release for FSX/P3D

Flight illusion is releasing new software to connect our hardware to FS2004, FSX and P3D. the new release (10.0.8) is adressing some issues with the values of the King Air engine cluster. The values shown are now correct, both on screen and on the faceplate.

We have also added regulated dimmability for all new gauges produced after March 2015. New gauges will be able to be dimmed from the GSA-10 interface using one POT meter entry. 

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Flight Illusion showing at FS-Konferenz in Paderborn

Flight illusion was at the FS Conferenz in paderborn/Lippstadt airport and presented it's range of products to an interested crowd  of cockpit builderds adn Flight Simulator enthusiasts. Flight Illusion is participating every second year when tthe show is in Paderborn. This year we presented an early version of the new lower panel for the Cessna panel center and the professional Standby set (featuring the new combined altimeter /IAS for B737).

Many visitors were charmed by the new setup and could take a flight from tak-off to landing using only the panel and the outside visual. No mouse or keyboard required (except to press the pause key when things got our of hand)


10%discount coupon valid until April 30!

Flight Illusion is at the FS Conferenz organised by Aerosoft in Paderborn on Saturday March 21. With so many people interested in our products, we are giving an 10% discount until April 30 for all cockpitbuilders to benefit from. The code to use is FSWKD14