For special requirements and professsional customers Flightillusion can provide customized products such as gauges, software, interface systems and other hardware conform your specifications. Most parts we can design and produce in house so delivery times are short and adjustments can easily be made during the development process if needed.


Why choose ‘analog’ indicators over indicators on a display? Using analog gauges can be a better choice for several reasons:

  • Look and feel: a display cannot give the same level of realism. For example: needle parallax can’t be simulated by using a display.
  • More realistic backlight options, e.g. NVG requirements or using panel post lights.
  • Knobs & buttons: more mechanical options for additional knobs and switches. For example a latching ‘Pull to Cage’ lever.
  • In some training environments there’s no space for using a display (e.g. standby gauges or overhead gauges) Analog gauges are usually more compact and don’t need to be ‘square’ shaped.
  • Cost: for high end applications using analog gauges are more cost effective than displays in most cases.

Here are some examples of customized projects for a variety of customers