Welcome to  the Flight Illusion website. Whether you’re a professional provider of (flight) training devices or building your own simpit at home, you will not only find the largest range of simulator gauges here, but also a wide variety of other innovative hardware. And if you can’t find it in our standard range we can customize it for you at very competative prices. Our products are used world wide in both professional training environments & homecockpit building projects. All our gauges are compliant for use in certified training systems (minimum FTD 2, FNPT-II-MCC)

Please read before you order!

Most products here at Fligthillusion are ‘made to order’. This means we will start producing your order as soon as we received your payment and your buying directly from the ‘factory’: we’re not another webshop that is just trading products but we’re producing them.

All development, production, assembly & testing is done by us and the advantage of this is that your order has our full attention from start to finish as every order is like an individual project to us. Another advantage is that we can easily make adjustments and customize products: don’t hesitate to ask if you want something different!

We ask for your understanding because it can take a couple of weeks to get your order ready to ship and thank you in advance for your patience.