All members of the Flight Illusion team are just regular Flight Sim enthusiasts.
Having a thorough experience in building simulators, we decided more than 18 years ago to start the production of the components we developed and offer these to sim builders. Our instruments are very close to the ones used in the real cockpit. The system we developed consists of a number of finished gauges and interfacing modules that can be easily extended. Having more than 15 years of experience in building simulator hardware and software, we can guarantee highly qualified products and very stable software.
Now, we want to offer some of the units and electronics that are developed for these simulators for sale as separate products (see products page for more details)
Although our prices are very reasonable, we do not do concessions as to the quality of the components we are using. We only use industry standard components and those obtained from the hobby market.


Flight illusion develops and integrates technologies for Flight simulators.
If you need an interface for your home built cockpit project, or any other challenging requirement for combined use with flight simulator, turn to the engineering and manufacturing team at Flight Illusion.
We offer a complete range of solutions, from generic , off the shelf, avionics to the more integrated, personalized displays and control panels.
Every solution reflects our expertise in electronics, design, software and is so easy to use that you’ll be up and running in no time.
We believe simulators and their sub-assemblies can be made a lot cheaper using a no-nonsense approach in modern technology.


Flight Illusion’s development and production facility(Flight Illusion BV) is located near Apeldoorn in The Netherlands. All R&D is done in house. That includes the development and testing of printed circuit boards as well as the software development. Production is also done in our Apeldoorn facility. Most components are made by us.