GSA-125 B737 Combined IAS Alti


The GSA-125 is the latest development for the new generation B737 aircraft. It holds in one gauge the indication for airspeed and for altitude. The gauge is using OLED technology to show the actual altitude in digits (3 rotating digits and 2 fixed “00”). The barometric pressure is controlled by a rotary knob that shows the pressure both in inches of Mercury and milibar. Both pressure value display are also OLED. Indicated airspeed is shown on a rolling vertical cylinder. The gauge can be found in the B737/900 series as a standby gauge, together with the RMI. As such, the GSA-125 is also part of the new standby set.

Physical characteristics:

height 83 mm
width 83 mm
depth 84,5 mm
weight 200 gr
mounting 4 screws

Power requirements:
power= 5v/12v
lights= 2 LED

type daisy chain, 10 pin connector on flat cable (10 wires flatcable)


You will need the GSA-055 (central interface) to connect the gauge to the computer.

Technical details

Technical data image

Product video


  1. Marco

    I’m sorry i have a question you if it’s compatibile with pro sim

    • flightillusion

      Yes, A lot (maybe most!) of our customers use it in combination with Prosim!

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