BKAV-SET – Bendix King style avionics set


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The BKAV-SET is a set of 7 Bendix King style radio modules that replicate a full avionics radio set as found in General aviation panels.

! Please note that due to the limited autopilot functionality in X-Plane not all functions of the BKAV-AP can be used with X-Plane.

The modules included in the set are:

The 7 radio modules can be daisy chained to an interface


type daisy chain, 10 pin connector on flat cable (10 wires flatcable)


You will need the GSA-055 (central interface) to connect the gauge to the computer.


  1. Leon

    BKAV-SET – BENDIX KING Whether to support Xplane10

    • flightillusion

      Yes, Even X-plane v11 works!

  2. Xiaolong

    I wondered if I could use it for X-Plane flight?

    • flightillusion

      Yes, as far as X-plane has the functions available they can be driven with these modules!

  3. customer-belgie

    Recently I order the BKAV-SET radio stack.
    Flight Illusion made a custom desktop panel for me where these modules are placed in.
    This isn’t a cheap option but all is hand-made and exactly conform my personal requirements.
    It’s necessary to have some patience before they can deliver. I use this panel for multiple aircrafts in X-plane.
    (Mostly the 3rd party add-on two- engine King Air 350 – Airfoil labs)
    Together this is a real gem on my desktop! And it works all in full detail. This is not a toy but especially made for real simulators.
    Small changes in the confirmation will be made remotely by the engineers. Perfect support from the Flight Illusion team.
    For me it is a 5-star recommendation! I am really proud of my Bendix panel.

    – Perfectly designed conform persona requirements
    – Handmade, with high precision details
    – Perfect support
    – Works in detail

    – Not cheap
    – Longer period before they can ship, no stock.

    Patrick Grootvriendt – België

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