F4 software license


License F4 software

Product Description

The license is the fee for using the F4 software driver as developed by Nelfield Limited

Nelfield Limited has developed a software driver package for the interfacing of Flight Illusion gauges with Falcon BMS 4.33 software.
Currently the following gauges are supported:

Airspeed / Mach (GSA-080)
Digital Altimeter (GSA-016)
Attitude Indicator (GSA-037)
Falcon Engine Cluster (GSA-FEC)
–    Oil Temp
–    Exhaust nozzle position
–    Engine RPM
–    Fan Turbine Inlet Temp

At this moment we implement more (and new!) gauges, so more is coming soon!

User instructions:

Download, install and register the software, buy the license and get the key. The key will be generated manually and will be sent within 24 hours.


There is no license nescessary for the FSX, Prepar3D and X-plane driver, only for the Falcon BMS driver software!


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